NWSCC Calendar

  5  Membership Drive / Fashion Show Portland, OR Skiyente/Open
  8-10  Ski Dazzle Seattle Ski/Snowboard Show Seattle, WA Open to All
  9  Annual Heritage Day Party & Auction Mt. Hood Cultural Center & Museum Join to Participate!
  9  Annual Gala Auction/Fundraiser The Westin Bellevue Outdoors for All
  15  Snowball Dinner & Auction Bend, OR MBSEF
  15-17  SkiFever and Snowboard Show Portland, OR Open to All
  16  Pray for Snow Dance Gov't Camp Schnee Vogeli/Open
  18  NWSCC Ski Fair, Portland Holiday Inn PDX Free entry!
  20  Kickoff Party & Swap Milwaukee, OR Mountain High
  21  PACRAT 101 Tubby's Deli, Portland, OR Open to All
  27-12/1  Oregon Ski and Feast (XC) Sunriver, OR Oregon Nordic Club

  7  Open House - Club Lodge Gov't Camp Cascade Ski Club
  12-15  Whistler/Blackcomb BC, Canada S'no Joke
  14  Snowshow/Cross Country Moonlight Trip Bergfreunde
  26-31  Methow Valley Trip (XC) WA Oregon Nordic Club
  28-1/1  Black Butte New Year's Trip OR Oregon Nordic Club
  28-1/2  New Year's at Red Mountain BC S'no Joke

  3-4  Tilly Jane A-Frame Backcountry (XC) Mt. Hood, OR Oregon Nordic Club
  5  Let's Try Snowshoeing/Pizza After Bergfreunde
  9-11  Leavenworth (DH,XC,SS) WA WIHSKI
  9-12  Whistler / Blackcomb BC, Canada SKIBACS
  10-12  Mt. Bachelor (DH,XC,SS) Bend, OR Altair
  10-12  Ochoco Mountains (XC) OR Oregon Nordic Club
  10-12  Winthrop (XC) WA S'no Joke
  11  Berg's Day Bus Trip to Mt. Bachelor OR Altair
  17-19  Red Mountain/Whitewater (Bus) Canada Desert Ski Club
  17-20  Wenatchee (DH,XC,SS) WA Bergfreunde
  17-20  Lake Creek Lodge Camp Sherman, OR Oregon Nordic Club
  17-20  Sunriver (XC) OR Oregon Nordic Club
  17-20  Mission Ridge (Carpool) WA S'no Joke
  17-25  Sun Peaks BC Hawaii Ski Club
  18  Snowshoe/Cross Country Moonlight Trip Bergfreunde
  19-25  Sun Peaks (Bus Trip) BC SKIBACS
  24-26  Flying L Ranch (XC) WA Oregon Nordic Club
  25-26  Bluewood (Carpool Trip) WA Desert Ski Club
  25-28  Mazama (Carpool) (DH,XC,SS) WA WIHSKI
  25-31  Big Sky Resort (DH,XC,SS) MT Cascade PT
  25-2/1  Beaver Creek (FWSA Ski Week) CO FWSA/All Clubs
  27-30  Summit Meadows Midweek Gov't Camp, OR Oregon Nordic Club
  27-2/1  Northern Idaho Bus Trip (DH) ID Mountain High

  1-8  Arlbergpass (Prague optional) Austria SKIBACS
  2-6  Scottish Lakes B/Country (XC) WA Oregon Nordic Club
  2-6  Apex (Bus Trip) BC, Canada WIHSKI
  2-8  Reno/Lake Tahoe (Airline Trip) CA Skihawks
  2-9  Schweitzer (Bus Trip; DH,XC,SS) ID Cascade PT
  6  Mission Ridge (Weekly Sat Bus) WA Desert Ski Club
  6-9  Hickory Lane/Sunriver (DH,XC,SS) OR Altair
  6-9  Willamette Pass (DH,XC,SS) OR Bergfreunde
  7-8  Tilly Jane A-Frame B/Country OR Oregon Nordic Club
  7-9  Mt. Hood OR Desert Ski Club
  7-9  Ochoco Mountains OR Oregon Nordic Club
  8  Berg's Day Bus to Bachelor OR Altair
  8  King Winter Coronation Gov't Camp, OR Skiyente
  10-14  Methow Valley (XC) WA Cascade PT
  11-15  Sun Valley (Air Trip) ID S'no Joke
  13  Mission Ridge (Weekly Sat Bus) WA Desert Ski Club
  14-17  Crater Lake (XC,SS) OR Bergfreunde
  14-17  Sunriver (XC) OR Oregon Nordic Club
  15  Snowshoe/Cross Country Moonlight Trip Bergfreunde
  15-23  Yellowstone National Park Dream Trip WY Oregon Nordic Club
  15-25  Cortina & Venice Italy S'no Joke
  20  Mission Ridge (Weekly Sat Bus) WA Desert Ski Club
  21-23  Shelter Cove (DH,XC,SS) OR Altair
  21-23  Mt. Bachelor (Bus Trip) OR Mountain High
  21-23  Mt. Baker (Carpool Trip) OR S'no Joke
  22  Willamette Pass (Day Carpool) OR Altair
  22  Hope on the Slopes Mt. Spokane, WA HOTS/Ski-Ride-Cure
  22-23  49 Degrees North (Carpool) WA Desert Ski Club
  22-27  Snowbasin/Davis County UT FWSA/All Clubs
  23-26  Mt. Baker (Carpool) WA WIHSKI
  23-3/1  Lake Tahoe Sampler (24th)
Tahoe, CA  Bergfreunde
  26-3/2  Snowbird & Alta UT Desert Ski Club
  27  Mission Ridge (Weekly Sat Bus) WA Desert Ski Club
  27-3/4  Taos (Airline Trip) NM S'no Joke
  28-3/1  Crater Lake (Bus Trip; XC) OR Oregon Nordic Club
  28-3/2  Mt. Hood/Hood River (DH,XC,SS) OR Altair

  1  Ski the Glade Trail Day, Timberline to Gov't Camp OR Open to all
  1-2  Hope on the Slopes, Stevens Pass WA HOTS/Ski-Ride-Cure
  1-8  Lake Tahoe (Heavenly, Northstar, Kirkwood) CA SKIBACS
  2  Tryouts for Mt. Hood Ski Patrol (tentative) Skibowl, OR MHSP/Open
  2-8  Whitefish Mountain Resort (Amtrak) MT Mt. Hood Skikats
  6-9  Mt. Bachelor (Pheonix Inn/Carpool) OR S'no Joke
  6-10  Wallowa Lake (XC) Joseph, OR Oregon Nordic Club
  6-15  FWSA Ski Week, Zermatt Switzerland FWSA/Open to All
  7-9  Diamond Lake (XC,SS) OR Altair
  8  Day Bus Trip to Hoodoo/Benson Park OR Bergfreunde
  8  Spree at Alpental - Demo Day/Benefit WA Outdoors for All
  8-9  Hope on the Slopes, Mt. Hood Skibowl OR HOTS/Ski-Ride-Cure
  8-9  Masters Mania Weekend Mt. Hood Skibowl, OR Schnee/Skiyente/Open
  9-10  Oregon Cancer Ski-Out Mt. Hood Meadows Open to All
  12-16  Grand Targhee/Jackson Hole (Air) WY Desert Ski Club
  13-18  Banff/Lake Louise (Air Trip) Canada S'no Joke
  15  Berg's Day Bus Trip to Mt. Bachelor OR Altair
  15-16  Hope on the Slopes White Pass, WA HOTS/Ski-Ride-Cure
  15-23  FWSA Int'l Post Ski Week Trip Spain FWSA/All Clubs
  20-23  Anthony Lakes (DH,XC) OR Bergfreunde
  20-23  Schweitzer (Bus Trip) ID SKIBACS
  21-23  Mission/Stevens Pass Leavenworth, WA Mountain High
  22  Hope on the Slopes Crystal Mountain, WA HOTS/Ski-Ride-Cure
  22-30  Canadian Rockies/Assiniboine Lodge Canada Oregon Nordic Club
  23  Willamette Pass (Day Trip) OR Altair
  23-25  Silcox Hut (Carpool) Mt. Hood, OR WIHSKI
  23-4/1  Jackson Hole (DH,XC,SS) WY Cascade PT
  27-30  Mt. Bachelor (Bus Trip) OR Desert Ski Club
  28-4/1  Schweitzer / 49 Degrees North (Carpool) ID/WA S'no Joke
  30-4/5  Big Sky (Air Trip) ID WIHSKI

  4-5  Tilly Jane A-Frame B/Country OR Oregon Nordic Club
  4-6  FWRA Championships Mammoth Mountain, CA FWRA/All Clubs
  5  Bluewood Bash (Carpool) WA Desert Ski Club
  5  Hope on the Slopes Eaglecrest, AK HOTS/Ski-Ride-Cure
  7-11  Mt. Bachelor/Sunriver (DH,XC,SS) OR Cascade PT
  10-13  Whistler/Blackcomb (Carpool) Canada S'no Joke
  12  Ski to Defeat ALS, Mt. Hood Meadows OR Open to All
  16-18  Palmer Glacier or Crystal Mountain OR or WA Desert Ski Club

  17  MBSEF/US Bank Pole Pedal Paddle Mt. Bachelor, OR Open to All

  12-15  FWSA Convention, Riverhouse Bend, OR FWSA/Open to All

  TBA  African Safari Trip FWSA/All Clubs