NWSCC NW Ski Challenge

Since 2005 we have been challenging skiers and riders to expand their horizons by visiting as many NW ski areas as they can in one season.

Each year the Council has rewarded skiers and snowboarders who have met the Challenge with gift certificates for equipment, services, lift passes and more. This year, the Council is again challenging skiers and snowboarders to ski the Northwest. The Northwest Ski Challenge rules are as follows:

Ski or ride any seven or more listed resorts during the 2013-2014 ski season to be eligible to win a prize. Winners will be announced at NWSCC Appreciation Night. Your used lift tickets are your ticket to prizes!
Several of our past winners have kept very informative and colorful blogs and photos of their experiences as they skied and rode at Northwest ski areas. You will find links to their blogs below.

Take the opportunity this year to visit new ski areas, revisit your favorite places to ski, and meet the Challenge!

  • Your name could be here!
  • Robert Burns (10 areas)
  • Emilio Trampuz (14 areas)
  • Kurt Wilke (10 areas)
  • Jay Hart
  • Dorothy Hart
  • Sally Niedermeyer
  • Emilio Trampuz
  • Jay Hart
  • Dorothy Hart
  • Linda McGavin
  • Sally Niedermeyer
  • Emilio Trampuz
  • David Schor (13 areas)
  • Emilio Trampuz (10)
  • Dorothy Hart (8)
  • Jay Hart (8)
  • Nick Harlson (7)
  • Shawn Storey (7)
  • Emilio Trampuz (7 areas)
  • Bruce McGavin (6)
  • Sally Niedermeyer (6)
  • Rob Bozzuto (5)
  • David Schor (5)
  • David Schor (39 areas / Ski Idaho blog)
  • Peggie Hodge (9)
  • Charles Sheehan (9)
  • Peter Werner (9)