FWSA Activities

NWSCC is a member of the Far West Ski Association, “The Voice of the Western Skier.”  FWSA is comprised of eleven councils representing Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado. Over 170 clubs and 50,000 snowsports enthusiasts are represented by these councils. NWSCC club members enjoy FWSA Ski Weeks in both North America and Europe, with other international trips on the calendar. Many of these trips welcome children, so those of you with families can find great deals on winter vacations. NWSCC supports the new Far West Snowports Foundation, which raises money to support up-and-coming future Olympic hopefuls.

NWSCC enjoys a strong leadership presence within FWSA. Current President Randy Lew, Trustee Steve Coxen, Marketing VP Debbi Kor, and Silent Auction Coordinator Mary Olhausen are all members of the FWSA Board of Directors and members of NWSCC clubs. Automatically on the board is the NWSCC council president, represented this year by Sheri Parshall.

The FWSA also publishes their Skier's Guide annually. You can find it at fine ski industry retail establishments, and now online.

Far West Ski Association Conventions are held each summer.

Check the FWSA website for the latest Travel Opportunities.

FWSA sponsors several contests and programs of interest to clubs, including competitions for outstanding club, outstanding newsletter, and outstanding web site. Clubs compete only against other clubs in their size category.

The following programs also encourage club participation:

Safety Program: Sponsored by Aspen Skiing Company, this award is given to the individual who promotes the best safety program during the year. The prize is a week at Aspen. (Click here for more information ) And by the way, Sandy Beecher was the 2009 Safety Award Winner. Click here for her story.

Western Ski Heritage Award: Each year at the FWSA Convention, FWSA recognizes an individual who has made the best effort to communicate the contributions of snowsports to the community at large with the Western Ski Heritage Award. The prize is a week at Steamboat. (Click here for more information )

Community Service Program: Clubs and councils who participate in charities in their regions and communities vie for a $100 prize, awarded to the winner’s charity of choice.

Club History Recognition Program: Awarded to the individual or club who presents an outstanding history of their club. This year’s inaugural prize went to our own Skiyente Ski Club. Skiyente received a check in the amount of $200, which they donated to Women’s Ski Jumping. (Click here for a write up of the Skiyente Award. Our own Sandi Shaub was the honoree!)

Council Man and Woman of the Year: Sponsored by Big White/Silver Star, each club in NWSCC can nominate a man and woman to represent NWSCC as our Council Man and Woman of the Year. Our two council honorees then represent NWSCC during convention. The FWSA winners each receive a 5-day trip to Big White/Silver Star, and each Council representative present at the Convention receives a 2-day trip. (Click here for more information on last year's winner and how to participate.)

Far West Snowsports Foundation: A new affiliate of FWSA this year, the Foundation will be working to raise funds to support young snowsports athletes in their endeavors to become future Olympians. There are fundraising efforts taking place throughout the season to raise money to award scholarships to athletes throughout the Far West region.

FWSA Awards Program: Every year, FWSA gives awards to organizations, resorts, and individuals who have made significant contributions to the sport of skiing. (Click here for a comprehensive list of award programs.)

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For more information about these activities and programs, visit www.fwsa.org or contact Sheri Parshall at President nwskiers.org or 503-706-0522.

FWSA has a wealth of information on their web site, not the least of which are several articles and videos on snowsport safety. Some of their safety articles are listed below. We encourage all snow riders to check out the knowledge base that is the FWSA.

Click on any of the above to link to the article.


The Far West Ski Association’s Athletic Scholarship Program is into its sixth year. The program was established in 2004 as a means of giving back to the sport by making a positive contribution to junior racing.

United States Ski Association licensed junior racers in the J-1, J-2, and J-3 classes in states represented by FWSA affiliated councils are eligible to apply for a scholarship. This year, junior racers in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Idaho and Utah are eligible.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need, competitive accomplishments, academics, and citizenship.

Two new programs were initiated during 2009.

  • Far West Ski Foundation, an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, established to support and enhance snowsports in the Western United States. It is anticipated that the Foundation will provide a valuable resource for encouraging tax exempt donations to support the athletic scholarship program.

  • This year, the scholarship program also entered into a partnership with the Skiyente Ski Club of Portland, Oregon, whereby Skiyente will sponsor a young female athlete from the Northwest. It is hoped that this partnership will prove to be a model for other ski clubs and organizations that desire to participate directly in the sponsorship of young ski racers.
For more information regarding the FWSA athletic scholarship program, readers are encouraged to visit their web site at www.fwsa.org.