PACRAT Racing!

For over 25 years PACRAT Racing (Pacific Northwest Area Clubs Recreational Alpine Teams) has offered adult ski club members an exciting and fun opportunity to participate in recreational alpine racing on Mt. Hood.

Ski club members can form teams of 10 skiers of all levels: as long as you can get to the hill and make a turn you can race in this league. While some PACRATers have raced for years (the habit forming part), the majority of our members have joined PACRAT as beginner or intermediate to advanced skiers and snowboarders looking for team camaraderie and friendly fun competition. In fact, many racers join primarily for the social aspect and throw in some racing! It is truly a racing league for everyone!

Click here to access the PACRAT website. Check there for an updated race schedule and more pictures from after race parties and the Rat Attack.

We'd also like to thank our generous sponsors for their support of PACRATS. Without our sponsors, none of this would be possible!

2014 banner

PACRAT now affiliated with NASTAR.

After a highly successful inaugural season, PACRAT has decided to offer NASTAR (National Standard Race) qualifications and points and awards at no extra cost this season! All races will again be dual scored by PACRAT and NASTAR. Our racers will be able to compare their results locally with PACRAT and nationally with NASTAR! Go to for more information on the benefits of NASTAR to our racers.

How it works

We now have our own state-of-the-art wireless Phoenix timing system. This system has proven itself to be the finest timing system found on the mountain! Our PACRAT racing crew is fully trained in its operation – greatly reducing the timing malfunctions that were associated with ski racing in the past! PACRAT can now offer a no-hassle greatly enhanced experience for our racers for years to come!

How to join

To join a PACRAT team, the only requirements are to be 21, a ski club member of a NWSCC club, and to pay race fees of $95 for the season. The dues include your bib; 5 races at 2 ski areas on Mt. Hood (Mt. Hood Meadows and Mt. Hood Skibowl); discounted race day lift tickets; après ski parties with door prizes and refreshments; pins for placement in your category; NASTAR standings and pins; and the end of season “Rat Attack” Awards Party. This is the best “bang for your buck” entertainment value on the mountain!!

Sign Me Up!

Each PACRAT team consists of 10 racers from your club – all men, all women, or co-ed. Each racer is handicapped after their first race and placed into one of the seven skill levels ranging from novice to elite based on their individual time after completing the course. You race in a dual style format. Each individual racer is offered two runs, taking your best time of the day. In addition, all racers are also dual scored under the NASTAR scoring system as well. So you can see how you compare on the NATIONAL level too! Throughout the season, each racer strives to better his or her time, and against other racers in their skill category (and for bragging rights within your respective teams!). It is to a team’s benefit to have a wide variety of skiing levels represented. Generally newer racers (rather than elite racers) make more points for their team, as their improvement is more rapid, their handicap improves more rapidly, and therefore more points are earned each race. Results are posted after each race, at the après race party, and racers can see their individual times. Later in the week the individual and team cumulative points are sent out to team captains. PACRAT offers a fun way to challenge yourself and have a “team” of friends on the mountain to ski with!

For additional information about PACRAT, contact NWSCC or a member club; check the PACRAT website or contact Gary Gunderson at