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NW Skiers Directory 2013-14
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Northwest Skiers' Directory 2013-14

NW Skiers Directory 2013-14
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NWSCC Election Results

The elections for 2014-2015 were held at the general meeting on June 18th, 2014.

Here are your elected Board Members (and respective clubs) for the coming year:

  • President - Steve Coxen (Schnee Vogeli; Cabernet)
  • Vice President - Sylvia Kearns (Skiyente; Vancouver; Mountain High)
  • Secretary - Julie Rasmussen (Skiyente)
  • Treasurer - Marcia Brighton (Skiyente)

And our two elected Directors for the year:

  • Christine Ciardi (Mountain High)
  • Norvin Peer (Longview; Cowlitz; Schnee)

Additional directors will be appointed by the Board.

PACRAT elections were also held; the following persons were elected to offices:

  • President - Greg Dilger
  • Vice President - Andy Hobart
  • Secretary - Sheri Parshall
  • Treasurer - Colleen Stroeder
  • Party Director - Sylvia Kearns
  • Sponsorship Director - Barbara Pressentin
  • Director of Membership - Bruce Kuper
  • Director of Results - Dale Parshall
  • Director of Racing - Bruce Parshall

Other directors will be appointed by the newly-elected Board.