Mt. Hood Passport

This is a great opportunity for our members to get some discounted items at the mountain, and also to win some prizes at the end of the winter season. Get a passport for $10, then use it to get discounts at various businesses on Mt. Hood. Click here for more details.

Mt. Hood Passport
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Northwest Skiers' Directory 2014-15

NW Skiers Directory 2013-14
Click the cover to view the complete NW Skiers' Directory online!

Click here for past years' directories: 2013-14 | 2012-13 | 2011-12


NWSCC Club Membership Forms

NWSCC wants to make it easy for your snowsports club to join the Council!

Joining the Northwest Ski Club Council is simple. Just fill out this form (PDF, MS Word) and send it to our Membership Director. If you have any questions, just drop us an email at membershipnwskiers.org. Dues for the year are just $20.


NWSCC Election Results

The elections for 2014-2015 were held at the general meeting on June 18th, 2014.

Here are your elected Board Members (and respective clubs) for the coming year:

  • President - Steve Coxen (Schnee Vogeli; Cabernet; Bergfreunde; Mountain High)
  • Vice President - Sylvia Kearns (Skiyente; Vancouver; Mountain High)
  • Secretary - Julie Rasmussen (Skiyente)
  • Treasurer - Marcia Brighton (Skiyente)

And our two elected Directors for the year:

  • Christine Ciardi (Mountain High)
  • Norvin Peer (Longview; Cowlitz; Schnee)

Additional directors will be appointed by the Board.

PACRAT elections were also held; the following persons were elected to offices:

  • President - Greg Dilger
  • Vice President - Andy Hobart
  • Secretary - Sheri Parshall
  • Treasurer - Colleen Stroeder
  • Party Director - Sylvia Kearns
  • Sponsorship Director - Barbara Pressentin
  • Director of Membership - Bruce Kuper
  • Director of Results - Dale Parshall
  • Director of Racing - Bruce Parshall

Other directors will be appointed by the newly-elected Board.